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Event Security

On-Site Security Services

Core Security and Training Scotland offers event security bespoke to the needs of your event

Often the first contact a customer has with your event or organization is with a member of the Security team, consequently we have an intelligent approach to our service and do not just provide 'guards at doors'.

To ensure we provide an effective solution we will also liaise with the licensing agencies and emergency services, to allow us to implement appropriate emergency planning and training.

Event Security

Security Specialists in Many Areas

Ensuring your staff, assets and guests are protected throughout the duration of your event.


Core Security & Training Scotland are more than 'just the ticket'. Trust our highly qualified security staff to provide sound protection.


Conferences of any scale require extensive security solutions, like those provided by us at Core Security & Training Scotland.


Our security teams are trained in protecting premises, assets, staff and clientele - perfect for exhibitions of any scale or nature.


Core Security & Training Scotland are experienced in delivering security solutions for sporting events regardless of the scale.

Large Sporting Events

Additional Services

At Core Security & Training Scotland, we don't just stop at skilled manpower - we also provide our expertise to businesses through specialised consultancy.

Risk Assessments
Personnel Screening
Security Consultancy

Getting In Touch

13 Newton Pl, Glasgow, G3 7PR, Scotland

Contact Us

For all your security and training needs, Core Security is only a quick message away. Get in touch with us and our team of professionals will reply to you as promptly as possible.

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