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Leisure Security

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At Core Security & Training Scotland, we don't just stop at skilled manpower - we also provide our expertise to businesses through specialised consultancy.

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A ferris wheel at an amusement park or outdoor market is the perfect opportunity to obtain Core Security services

From amusement parks to entertainment complexes, Core Security & Training Scotland delivers comprehensive security solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the leisure sector. We ensure the safety of visitors, implement proactive measures to mitigate risks, control crowds, protect assets and undertake emergency response planning.


With Core Security & Training Scotland, the security of your leisure facility is in safe hands.


For all Leisure and Entertainment premises, Core Security & Training Scotland can supply highly trained S.I.A. licensed staff. 

Leisure Security

Comprehensive Security for Leisure Centres

Large crowds, valuable equipment, and attractions make amusement parks vulnerable to security threats like theft, vandalism, and altercations.

Amusement Parks

We have experience in protecting theatres and performance venues that require security to manage crowds, prevent disturbances, and address safety concerns.


Our security personnel can monitor visitor behaviour, enforce park rules, and respond to emergencies to maintain a safe environment for all.

Zoos & Wildlife Parks

We provide security teams that can cover expansive areas, protecting your golfing green from trespassing, theft, and vandalism.

Golf Course

These venues attract younger patrons, making them susceptible to theft, vandalism, and disputes. Security services help maintain a safe space for all.

Arcades & Seasonal Markets

We ensure the safety of members, protect equipment, and prevent unauthorized access, particularly important during peak hours.


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For all your security and training needs, Core Security is only a quick message away. Get in touch with us and our team of professionals will reply to you as promptly as possible.

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