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Security Guard Top-Up

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About This CORE
Training Course

Renew and enhance your skills as a security officer with our Security Guard Top-Up Training course. This mandatory qualification, endorsed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), is designed for individuals seeking to renew their SIA Security Guarding Licence and stay updated with the latest industry standards and regulations.



At Core Security & Training we are passionate about what we do. We apply the highest professional standards to the delivery of every stage of training - no matter the scale.


We are dedicated to utilising expert trainers, providing detailed course material, interacting with all learners, continued support and then doing it all again when you next require our services.


Courses run by Core Security & Training are delivered by experienced professionals. Benefit from instructors with skillsets that are carefully matched to your needs, ensuring the perfect fit.

Why Learn With CORE?

By completing our Security Guard Top-Up Training course, you'll meet the mandatory refresher training requirement set by the SIA, ensuring that you maintain compliance with regulatory standards and remain equipped to perform your role effectively. This qualification provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize terrorism threats and minimize personal risk in security operations.

Course Overview

Our Security Guard Top-Up Training course covers two essential units, focusing on terror threat awareness and strategies for minimizing personal risk for security officers. Through interactive learning activities and assessments, you'll gain valuable insights and techniques to enhance your effectiveness in security operations.

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Is This Course For You?

This course is suitable for security officers who currently hold an SIA Security Guarding Licence and are required to renew their qualification. Candidates must be aged 18 or over and possess proficient reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in English. Clear communication is essential in the security profession to ensure effective teamwork and response to potential threats.

Delivering Your Training

Our Security Guard Top-Up Training course is delivered through a blend of theoretical instruction and practical exercises. Experienced trainers guide you through each unit, providing valuable insights and real-world scenarios to deepen your understanding of security concepts and strategies.

Course Content

Our training courses comprise of multiple units and often contain a range of different practical and theory based elements. The contents of all of the courses delivered by Core Security & Training is carefully monitored by regulatory bodies. This means that we can guarantee that when you choose to learn with Core, your training and education is up-to-date and in line with the latest industry requirements.

Unit 1: 

Terror Threat Awareness in The Private Security Industry

  • Recognizing Terrorism Threats

  • Understanding Terrorist Tactics

  • Implementing Security Measures

Unit 2:

Minimising Personal Risk for Security Officers

  • Identifying Personal Safety Risks

  • Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies

  • Emergency Response Procedures


Your Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates receive the Highfield Award for Security Officers in the Private Security Industry (Top-Up), a qualification recognized by the SIA. This certification demonstrates your commitment to professional development and compliance with industry standards, allowing you to apply for the renewal of your SIA Security Officer Licence.

Core Security & Training is a Highfield Approved Centre - meaning all of our courses are supported by the Highfield Awarding Body. Courses supported by Highfield are designed to support learners seeking vocational qualifications from both a compliance and personal development perspective.

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