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Scottish Personal Licence

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About This CORE
Training Course

Unlock opportunities in the hospitality industry and ensure compliance with licensing regulations with our Scottish Personal Licence Training course. This comprehensive programme equips individuals with the necessary qualification to obtain a Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH), enabling them to supervise and authorize the sale of alcohol in Scotland.



At Core Security & Training we are passionate about what we do. We apply the highest professional standards to the delivery of every stage of training - no matter the scale.


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Why Learn With CORE?

By completing our Scottish Personal Licence Training course, you'll gain the essential qualification required to apply for a Personal Licence under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. This licence not only opens doors to career advancement but also allows you to play a pivotal role in the management of licensed premises, ensuring legal compliance and responsible alcohol service.

Course Overview

Our Scottish Personal Licence Training course covers all aspects of licensing regulations, policy content, and key responsibilities associated with holding a Personal Licence in Scotland. Through interactive learning sessions and comprehensive training materials, participants acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pass the SCPLH qualification exam.

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Is This Course For You?

This course is essential for individuals seeking to become designated premises managers or progress their careers in roles involving the sale of alcohol in licensed premises in Scotland. It is suitable for managers, assistant managers, supervisors, and anyone aspiring to advance their positions within the hospitality industry.

Delivering Your Training

Our Scottish Personal Licence Training course is delivered through a one-day intensive session, culminating in a multiple-choice examination. Experienced trainers provide comprehensive guidance and support, ensuring that participants understand the legal and operational aspects of alcohol service and licensing regulations in Scotland.

Course Content

Our training courses comprise of multiple units and often contain a range of different practical and theory based elements. The contents of all of the courses delivered by Core Security & Training is carefully monitored by regulatory bodies. This means that we can guarantee that when you choose to learn with Core, your training and education is up-to-date and in line with the latest industry requirements.

1-Day Course: 

Comprehensive SPLH Course Contents

  • Policy Content and Licensing Functions Overview

  • Understanding Key Roles in Alcohol Service

  • Licensing Laws, Conditions, and Operating Guidelines

  • Protection of Minors from Harm

  • Alcohol Awareness and Responsible Service Practices

  • Awareness of Illegal Drugs and Related Laws

  • Social Responsibility and Community Engagementrs

  • Identifying Personal Safety Risks

  • Implementing Risk Reduction Strategies

  • Emergency Response Procedures


Your Certification

Upon successful completion of the course and passing the SCPLH qualification exam, candidates receive the Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH). This certification is a mandatory requirement for applying for a Personal Licence in Scotland and must be renewed every five years through refresher training. Additionally, candidates must apply to renew their Scottish Personal Licence every ten years through their local council.

Core Security & Training is a Highfield Approved Centre - meaning all of our courses are supported by the Highfield Awarding Body. Courses supported by Highfield are designed to support learners seeking vocational qualifications from both a compliance and personal development perspective.

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